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347 Appear.In Free Peer to Peer Video Conferencing & The Podcast Movement Conference

pmsnKeynoting At The Podcast Movement
In this episode, I talk with Jared Easley and Gary Leland who, together with Dan Franks and Mitch Todd, are putting together the new Podcast Movement National Podcasting Conference.

During my conversation with Gary and Jared, I ask why they made the decision to start this conference. We also talked about the Kickstarter Campaign, the venue and other details about the event.

I'm happy to announce that I have accepted the invitation to Keynote at the Podcast Movement and I hope to see you in Dallas on August 16th & 17th.

You Have To Check Out Appear.In
Earlier this week, David Dell introduced me to a relatively new online video conference call service that is currently 100% free and requires no downloads at all. The service is called I shared a few brief details about this service in the opening of the show. However, it turned out that I got to try it out as an option for bringing guests into my podcast due to some technical difficulties with Skype. It worked great.

After my conversation with Jared and Gary, I ended up going into greater detail about my experience with this cool, free, online application. Below is an image from test call that I did with Tim Arthur, Albert Hathazi and Jonathan Shank.