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402 – Apple Watch Review From A Fitness Tracking Perspective


In this episode of Podcast Answer Man, I give my full review of the Apple Watch after having it for nearly one full week. Find out what I am absolutely in love with this device. Keep in mind, I purchased the Apple watch as a fitness tracking device first and foremost. I used to be a fan of FitBit. However, several months ago, I broke up with FitBit to focus on Heart Rate based fitness training. In fact, I spent $200 on the Mio Alpha, that did nothing more than tell me what my heart rate was while I was working out.

At any rate, in this review of the Apple Watch, I cover the following topics

– The accuracy of the heart rate monitor.
– The Workout App.
– The Activity App.
– Texting from the watch.
– Phone calls on the watch.
– The alarm app on the watch.
– The battery life of the watch.
– The reminders app on the watch.
– The airline apps for the watch.
– Checking into LA Fitness with the QR code on the watch.
– The iPhone camera remote.
– And more…