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372 My Backup Solution And How It’s Changed with Dropbox’s Increased Storage Limit

My Backup Solution Explained (00:08:35)
server backup cloud computing conceptI have created a lot of audio, hi-res photo and HD video content over the past several years. I also run a sizable business which is 100% paperless. Having local and online backup of all my data is absolutely essential to protect my business.

In this episode I go into great detail to explain how I have managed my backup solutions over the past several years and what has changed in the past two weeks as the result of DropBox increasing their premium data storage amounts to a minimum of 1TB. This episode is a bit geekier and more technical than normal. However, in my group coaching calls for my Podcasting A to Z course, I've had this topic come up a number of times and I figured it was time to include this information in an episode of Podcast Answer Man. I mentioned BackBlaze and DropBox in this discussion.

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Video Recording of this episode
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