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444 – Live To Hard Drive Vs Heavily Editing – And Thoughts on Batch Processing


Have I Abandoned The Live To Hard Drive Approach To Podcasting?
In last Thursday's vlog post, I had shared that I spent a total of two hours editing last week's episode of this podcast. My friend, Riley Blanton, reached out to me, via Snapchat, to tell me that a while back, I had inspired him to go with the “Live To Hard Drive” approaching to podcasting. He wanted to know if I have abandoned this approach altogether and if so, why. In this episode, I explain what “Live To Hard Drive” means and I answer Riley's questions.

Batch Processing & Episode Schedule Deadlines
Also in this episode, I share my thoughts on why I feel that brand new podcasters should not batch process their podcast episodes. I share why I haven't been batch processing my episodes over the past few weeks. And to wrap things up, I share some thoughts about my setting a deadline of having new episodes every Friday at 5am Eastern Time.


399 – A New Shift In Priorities


For the past several years, I've made it a practice to always keep a list, available in plain site, of the top five to ten priorities of my business pursuits. This list is always ranked with the highest priority at the top.

When committing things to my calendar, I always attempt to find a way to “say yes” to anything that will help me find greater success in my top three business pursuits. I will occasionally “say yes” to commitments related to other priorities that are on the list. The higher the priority, the more likely it is that I'll “say yes.” If I'm asked to commit to something that is not on this list, it's almost certain that I'll “say no” to such a commitment.

In this episode of Podcast Answer Man, why I was recently inspired to make a significant shift in my business priorities. I realized that something, extremely important to the success of my business, was completely missing from this list. I hope that my sharing this will help inspire others to be more intentional about the things that they work on each day.

Also in this episode…

  • I talk about my upcoming speaking gigs and the talks that I plan to give.
  • Jim Bramham asked for my thoughts on what to do when you have done an interview for your podcast and then decide that you don't want to publish that interview.
  • I talk about the Instagrate to WordPress plugin
  • I talk about my thoughts on batch recording or pre-recording future episodes of Podcast Answer Man.
  • Be sure to sign up for my May 25th session of Podcasting A to Z.
  • (more…)