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417 – Live Streaming Your Podcast With Periscope – First Impressions of – How To Link To A Specific Time Stamp Within Your Podcst


blabscreenFirst Impression of
A few weeks ago, I heard about a service called This service allows you to stream live video from your iPhone just like periscope. However, it also allows you to stream live video from a desktop browser as well. Better than that, this service also allows you to have up to three guests join you in a group video conference call where all four video streams are broadcasted together to your live viewing audience.

In this episode of Podcast Answer Man, I share my first impression of and why I think that this is something that every podcaster should check out.

Here's a video recording of my very first test with the platform while I was out for a walk in my neighborhood.

Live Streaming Via Periscope
I've noticed that a lot of my podcasting friends have been using Periscope in some very creative ways. In fact, I love what I've seen my friend, Michael Hyatt, doing with the platform. Click here to see a sample.

Recently, Stephanie and I made the decision to bring our Family From The Heart podcast back to our weekly schedule. In the past, we had always live streamed the recording of this show using Ustream on our own custom built live streaming page. We've made the decision to move the live streaming of this show over to Periscope moving forward. In this episode, I talk about how I'm bringing audio from my mixer into my iPhone. I also share my advice to those of you who may be thinking about live streaming the recording of your podcast with Periscope.

Time Stamp Linking To A Podcast
My favorite app for managing my podcast subscriptions is the official Podcasts app made by Apple. However, I recently discovered a compelling feature of the Overcast podcast app. In this episode, I share how you can share link to any podcast episode, while sharing an exact time stamp within that link. When someone clicks the link you shared, the episode will play, automatically, starting at the very spot where you want them to start listening.

For example, If I wanted you to hear where I talked about the iJingle App in episode 416 of Podcast Answer Man, you could simply ask you to click here. This feature is not enough for me to switch to using the Overcast app as my full-time podcast management solution. However, I do plan to use this feature of the app from time to time.