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335 Choosing Your Brand Name – YouTube Comments Changes & Twitter Losing Its Human Feel

brand buiding crossword puzzleChoosing A Name For Your Brand
When creating a brand new podcast, I've noticed a large number of people who seem to get stuck when it comes to choosing the name of their brand and/or podcast. I am a huge fan of choosing a name that can clearly communicate the essence of what your podcast is about, even if the name of the podcast is the only thing they have to go by. However, there are a number of folks who would rather come up with a more creative approach to the naming of their podcast. In this episode, I share my thoughts on this topic, hoping to encourage folks to simply make a firm decision to choose the name that they like best and then to own it, love it and evangelize it. (This topic starts at 00:02:50)

YouTube Upgrades Comments With Google+ Integration (00:31:00)
YouTube has officially updated the YouTube commenting system. It should come as no surprise that they made the decision to integrate Google + into the mix. There have been a number of folks who have expressed dissatisfaction about the changes. Erik Fisher and I discuss what changes have been made, what others are saying about them and our own personal thoughts on the matter as well.

Twitter Losing Its Human Feel (00:52:38)
Twitter recently released a video explaining what Twitter is. Most notable to me was that they said it's most like a newspaper. This fits with their branding as and “Information Network” and not a “Social Network,” something they stated publicly some time ago.

However, this is much different than the Twitter I originally fell in love with. It used to be a “social network” that helped bring the world closer by having everyone answer the question “What Are You Doing?” Erik and I discuss why we miss the old vision for Twitter.