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Ask Me Anything About Launching A Podcast (Webinar Replay)

I recently hosted a free webinar, “Ask Me Anything About Launching A Podcast.” The purpose was to give people a taste of what my weekly group coaching calls are like during my, four week, Podcasting A to Z online coaching program.

The video below is an edited replay of the webinar featuring the most relevant questions for those who are seeking to launch their podcast.

There was no “hard sell” during the webinar. The goal was simply to showcase the level of information and value that I bring to the who might be be thinking about signing up for Podcasting A to Z.

Time Stamps For Topics Covered In This Video:
I have taken the time to break down the content covered in this webinar replay. If you click on the “time stamps” listed for each question, you will be taken directly to the starting point of that question in the YouTube video playback. (Doing this will take you to the YouTube website)

00:01:44 – How often should I publish a new episode?

00:03:25 – What is the perfect length of a podcast episode?

00:06:52 – How do I go about collecting email addresses on a WordPress based podcasting website?

00:10:41 – How many platforms are out there for me to list my podcast?

00:13:20 – I'm trying to get the company I work for, that sells business software, to create a podcast. The marketing department wants to have a buckshot approach when it comes to the target audience. Also, are CEO's of multi-million dollar businesses listening to podcasts?

00:16:26 – My download numbers have stagnated a bit. How long should I stay the course before changing things up regarding how I promote my podcast?

00:19:16 – How do you recommend recording a Skype or telephone call conversation.

00:23:31 – What's the best thing to do to launch a podcast so that it gets great traction?

00:31:37 – Which app do you use on your iPad to play audio clips?

00:32:33 – Please share three tips for creating a successful podcast.

00:34:56 – How did you become such a hunk? You look awesome.

00:36:01 – If you could only promote your show one way, which way would you choose and why?

00:38:07 – What type of revenue streams can be generated from my podcasting efforts?

00:41:22 – Any suggestions on production workflow to help reduce the amount of time it takes to create each new episode?

00:43:18 – What are you favorite sources for royalty free music?

00:44:50 – If you are talking over a music bed, what percentage of ducking do you recommend?

00:46:23 – How do you do prepare for the podcast episodes that you produce?

00:49:39 – What do I do if my guest does not have Skype and wants to me to call them on the telephone?

Please be sure to check out

331 Facebook Page or Personal Profile? And Much More!

fbhashFacebook Page or Personal Profile (00:24:41)
In this week's social media segment, Erik Fisher and I respond to someone who asked our thoughts on promoting our brand with a Facebook Page vs. a Facebook Personal Profile.

Call Recorder May Continue To Work! (00:01:12)
In last week's episode, I shared that Pamela, a software that is made to record Skype conversations on the PC, is no longer going to work after December of this year. I had read, from a support page on their site, that when Skype removes their desktop API, it would break all of the other software plugins made for recording Skype Calls. From this, I made the assumption that this meant that Call Recorder would be affected.

Special thanks to Christopher Wright and Ryan Jacobi who each gave me evidence that ECAMM's support department and development engineers are confident that the removal of the desktop API will not impact their software. In fact, they went so far as to say that their software worked for recording Skype calls before Skype ever made the desktop API available. This is good news for podcasters on the Mac Platform who have come to rely on Call Recorder for recording their Skype calls.

Platform Conference (00:06:47)
I am gearing up for my talk at Michael Hyatt's Platform Conference. The conference will be held in Dallas, TX November 3-5. If you are interested in hearing me speak, simply go to and use promo code “Cliff” to save $150 off the cost of registration!

Stephanie coming to Dallas with me and we are hosting a Podcast Answer Man community meetup on Tuesday November 5th. Full details can be found at

Should I Upgrade My Equipment Or Go To NMX? (00:13:49)
Jeff called in to say that he has saved up enough money to either attend New Media Expo or spend that amount of money on upgrading the equipment for his podcast. He wanted to know which I would suggest that he choose. Listen to this episode to find out why I suggested that he sign up and attend New Media Expo.

How Can I Get My Archives of Content Onto Libsyn? (00:19:10)
Ken called in to say that he is thinking about moving away from the free hosting at and moving his previous content over to Libsyn. He wanted to know if there was a way to upload all those previous episodes since the total of all previous uploads would be more than the monthly allotment upload space. I shared that, for an initial opened account, you can import your “back catalogue” for .05 per MB.