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313 How You Can Use #HashTags To Market Your Podcast And A Few Questions From The Feedback Hotline

fbhashIn this week's episode of Podcast Answer Man, I briefly mention that I will be hosting a community meetup at Walt Disney World on Friday, June 28th (RSVP HERE), I answer a few questions off the listener feedback hotline and I share a Social Media Segment where we talk about #Hashtags coming to Facebook and an interesting update that should be announced for Instagram.

Here's a list of topics covered in this episode. I've also provided you the time stamp of where each question can be found in the episode.

00:03:38 Personal Plug of the Week – Albert Hathazi
00:07:38 You Can Audio Podcasts For Visual Topics
00:12:31 Do you have to use a Rack when you have rack mounted equipment?
00:15:14 How can you change the name of your podcast?
00:20:17 Information related to the July 22nd Podcasting A to Z course.
00:30:36 Social Media Segment on #Hashtags
00:48:07 Discussion about Vine like video coming to Instagram

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