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441 – What Does CliffEOTC Stand For?


For years, I have had several online accounts that carry the username “cliffeotc.” When people come across some of these accounts, they immediately ask the question, “what does cliffeotc stand for?” Until now, this question only came up a few times a year and I simply took the time to explain it to each person who asked.

Just recently, I was sort of “forced” to use the username “cliffeotc” on Snapchat. I explain why in this episode. As a result, I also made the bold decision to change my username on Twitter and Instagram to “cliffeotc” as well. Today, the most frequent question that I receive, on a daily basis, is “what does cliffeotc stand for?”

If you want to skip this entire episode, I'll simply tell you, here, that it stands for…. “Cliff, Encouraging Others Through Content.” However, there is a much larger origin story to the username. If you want to know the full story and the “original” meaning of the “cliffeotc,” I share all the details in this episode of The Cliff Ravenscraft Show.

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438 – Why I Have Fallen In Love With Snapchat


Why I Have Fallen In Love With Snapchat
In this week's episode, I talk about how Snapchat has quickly become my number one social network of choice. If you want to see an example of some of my snapchat stories, check out my YouTube VLOG where I'm archiving my stories each day. I highly encourage you to check out my free Snapchat tutorial found at

A Few Important Notes
This week's episode of Podcast Answer Man is a bit raw, unfiltered and unedited. I just returned from my trip to New Zealand where I spoke at the Asia Pacific Podcast Conference.

While I was away, Apple announced that they have a new system for managing podcast rss feed submissions called iTunes Connect. I've only had time to take a quick glance at the new system. I will be prepared to share more about this in next week's episode.

Also, while I was away, a brand new social network, called Anchor, started to take off. It's still too soon to tell if this will be a passing fad or if it has the power to stick. I'm playing around with the service and will share more thoughts on it in a future episode within a few weeks.

I also share that from this point forward, I have changed my username on Twitter and Instagram to “cliffeotc.” If you want to learn more about why I made this change, the story behind “cliffeotc” and what I learned about myself and my identity moving forward, then I encourage you to check out episode 659 of The Cliff Ravenscraft Show titled “Year of Identity Part 3.” (Note: As of the publishing of this episode, I have not yet recorded this episode. However, I will be recording it within the next couple days.)