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322 USA Today Says Podcasting Is Booming – Evernote Love – Internet Everywhere

Falling In Love With Evernote? (Starts at 00:46:52)
In this week's episode, I invite Erik Fisher to be a sounding board while I go on and on about why I have made the decision to dive, head first, into Evernote. Are you an Evernote fanatic? If so, please share what you love about Evernote and what apps you have connected to it in the comments below.

USA Today Article Says Podcast Is Booming (Starts at 00:01:43)
Many people wanted to know my thoughts about the USA Today Article on Podcasting that was released last week. Many podcasters were very upset with a few of the inaccuracies within the written article itself about the origin of podcasting, with assuming that podcasting ever went anywhere to have to return from, and for making it look as though the celebrities from the mainstream media are responsible for saving the podcasting medium from extinction.

In this episode, I share my full thoughts on my reactions to this article.

Two Thirds of The World's Population Does Not Have The Internet (Starts at 00:23:00)
In this week's Social Media Segment, Erik and I discuss Mark Zuckerberg's mission to bring the Internet to the the entire world's population. We also briefly discuss Google's Loon Project.