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318 Five Blogging Tips For Podcasters & Flipboard Magazines

flipboardsnIn this week's episode, I am delighted to have my friend, Leslie Samuel, return to Podcast Answer Man. Some of you will remmember that I had Leslie on episode 251 to share his story about how his online efforts helped him land his dream job.

In this episode, I've invited Leslie to share five tips for helping podcasters take their blogging efforts to the next level. This topic starts at the very beginning of the episode.

1. Creating a content calendar ahead of time.
2. Create posts that complement your audio content.
3. Marketing your blog posts with your mailing list.
4. Using video to add a new dimension to your content.
5. Make the use of compelling images within your posts.

I encourage you to check out Leslie's website. He's getting ready to take that site to the next level starting Thursday, August 1st. It will be a valuable resource for additional blogging strategies.

Also in this episode, starting at 32 minutes and 50 seconds in, Erik fisher and I discuss Flipboard magazines. Just recently, the service announced that it is brining FlipBoard content to the web browser. Previously, everything was locked inside the application. Erik and I discuss our thoughts on Flipboard and what possibilities might exist for using it more fully to aggregate and share content.