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404 Audio Journal Format & Five Insights I’ve Gained Over Six Months of Putting My Health & Fitness First

2015-05-15 12.03.22

The Audio Journal Format
Alain recently asked a few questions about the audio journal format for my Pursuing A Balanced Life podcast. He said that he found it fascinating that I managed to record over 600 episodes in light of the fact that he never considered such an audio format to be one that would help generate income or business from such a personal podcast. He wanted to know if I felt that this was a winning formula for me due to the fact that I had already established myself within the podcasting industry. He wanted to know if I thought that such a format would work for someone who is just starting out and where this would be their only show. My response to these questions is the main focus of this episode.

Five Insights I've Gained Over The Past Six Months
Yesterday, I posted a significant blog post celebrating the first six months of consistently maintaining my commitment to putting my helath and fitness above all other life pursuits, including my business. Near the end of this week's episode, I share five insights that I've gained over these past five months.

1. Putting Your Health & Fitness First and finding way to fit in your work
verses being more efficient in your work so that you can find time to fit in your Health & Fitness.

2. The importance of knowing what you're going to say yes to and what you are going to say no to ahead of time.

3. Starting the day off knowing what the most important one, two or three things I need to accomplish today, that is above everything else.

4. The ability to actually say no to great opportunities that don't fit within your current plans for the future.

5. Life is lived inside the margin you allow for yourself.


385 Don’t Fall For The Latest Format Fad

What has made Serial and Startup so popular as podcasts?
photodune-7073493-bandwagon-this-way--xsI've heard a lot of conversations surrounding the popularity of the Startup and Serial podcasts. I've heard more than one person suggest that the main reason that these two shows are so popular is due to the format in which they tell a narrative story throughout each episode.

I'm shocked by the number of people who have already tried to incorporate this style of format into their own show or are contemplating doing so in the near future.

I'll admit, I'm just as hooked to these two podcasts as the other hundreds of thousands of podcast enthusiasts out there. However, I don't think it's the format of the show that has drawn everyone's attention. Yes, I do believe it is a part of the equation. However, I do there there is more to it than that. That is the main topic that I cover in this week's episode of Podcast Answer Man.

Other topics included in this episode

  • iTunes will be slow to process podcsts through January 5th, 2015
  • Audio Branding Package –
  • Facebook Category for Podcasting (Details here)
  • Telephone calls via Facetime Audio Calling (Details Here)
  • Sending and receiving SMS via Yosemity (Details Here)
  • Use iPad as 2nd Display without latency (Details Here)
  • PBS News Hour Story on Podcasting
  • Slate article on Podcasting
    Special Thanks to my Patreon Supporters
    I am so incredibly thankful for those who have decided to show their support for Podcast Answer Man by becoming a Patreon supporter (list of supporters here).

    A few folks had suggested that I create a Patreon account because they wanted another way to financially support the content that I created here. They mentioned that as a result of the free content that I've created, they've been able to launch a successful podcast and/or take their business to the next level without neededing to purchase any of the products or services that I have offered.

    Special Thanks to Ana Melikian from the Mindset Zone Podcast for being the first Patreon supporter at $25 or more per episode.


    Video Recording of this episode
    The following video is an UNEDITED version of the Behind The Scenes Recording of this episode of Podcast Answer Man. Join me for a future live broadcast of Podcast Answer Man. Click here for details.


    373 Building Relationships With Your Audience & Getting To The Next Level Involves Surrounding Yourself With People Who Are At The Level You Want To Achieve

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    CliffAndRayGetting To The Next Level Involves Surrounding Yourself With People Who Are At The Level You Want To Achieve
    I am excited to share a conversation that I recently had with my great friend, mentor and business adviser, Ray Edwards. (00:20:56)

    As I was reviewing the conversation we had, I noted the insights that came up during our dialog. The following is just a few of the many insights that I believe you will pull from this encounter.

    – You may feel intimidated by the level of success of others. However, you would be surprised by just how much value you have to offer them.

    – The difference between earning your way into a circle of influence and buying your way in.

    – You become the average of the five people that you INTENTIONALLY spend the most time with.

    – There is no one right format for a podcast. Create a show that you have in your heart to create.

    – Once you have decided that you have all the answers, you have decided that you are ready to stop growing.

    – Getting to the next level involves surrounding yourself with people who are at the level that you wish to achieve.

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    Building Relationships With Your Audience (00:06:14)
    I recently had an exchange with one of my Podcasting A to Z students about the importance of staying focused on the two most important things, as it relates to their podcasting efforts. I explained that the two most important things were 1) Creating valuable content for your audience on a consistent basis and 2) Building relationships with those who listen to your show.

    The student expressed that he thought his was great advice and asked me to recommend the best way to build that relationship. He asked if the best way as to ask for feedback via email, asking for voice mail feedback or creating a mailing list so that I can send email updates.

    My response to this followup question is that the focus should not be focused on the tool used for building a relationship, but instead actually how to build the relationship itself.

    In this episode, I share an example of how I've built genuine relationships with a few thousands people who have listened to the various podcasts that I have produced over the past eight years.

    Video Recording of this episode
    The following video is an UNEDITED version of the Behind The Scenes Recording of this episode of Podcast Answer Man. Join me for a future live broadcast of Podcast Answer Man. Click here for details.


    323 Invest In Conferences And Yourself – And So Much More!

    snconferencesInvest In Conferences (Starts At 00:25:03)
    I have been interviewed hundreds of times and I am often asked if I would change anything if I had the chance to go back and do things differently. My response to this has often been “nothing.” I've stated that I am who I am today because of all the things that have happened in my journey, including any stupid mistakes I made along the way.

    However, if there is one thing I wish I would have done in the early days of my business, it would be to invest in attending more conferences right from the beginning. In this episode, I share my thoughts on the importance of attending conferences and why I actually consider them to be an investment rather than an expense. For even more great reasons for why you should invest in conferences, check out episode 74 of The Ray Edwards Show.

    Here's the conferences that I listed in this episode.
    – Podcamp Dallas –
    – Social Media Success Summit (ONLINE) –
    – Platform Conference (Promo Code CLIFF) –
    – New Media Expo (Promo Code CLIFF20) –
    – Social Media Marketing World –

    Other Questions Covered In This Episode
    – What format options do I have for my podcast? (00:04:25)
    – Why do you prefer stereo over mono for your podcast? (00:13:07)
    – Do you record you and your co-host on separate tracks? (00:18:38)
    – How long does it take for reviews to post to iTunes? (00:55:56)