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378 – Beware of the Grow Big Quick & Get Rich Quick Podcast Messaging

cashsnBEWARE: The Grow Big & Get Rich Quick Messaging
Lately, I've been seeing more and more messaging related to the benefits of podcasting that include the thought that folks can simply launch a podcast and quickly gain tens of thousands of listeners.

Just this past week, I was invited to become an affiliate of a podcasting software product that is going to be announced very soon to the podcasting community. The developer sent me to a website that explained the joint venture opportunity. In this episode of Podcast Answer Man, I share with you the extremely shocking message that I found in that video and my thoughts on the messaging that focuses on growing huge quickly and getting rich quickly.

Other Topics Covered In This Episode:
– Podcasting Exposure On Mainstream Television (00:01:13)
– New Media Europe Announcement (00:48:47)

Video Recording of this episode
The following video is an UNEDITED version of the Behind The Scenes Recording of this episode of Podcast Answer Man. Join me for a future live broadcast of Podcast Answer Man. Click here for details.