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393 Podcast Hijacking on YouTube & Shows I’m Subscribed To

pam-itunesWhat shows I am subscribed to…
A few weeks ago, my friend, Ray Edwards, did a podcast episode where he listed the podcasts that he is subscribed to. This inspired me to share the list of shows that I am currently subscribed to and to also provide the reason why I am motivated to listen to the shows that I listen to each week.

I would imagine that some folks may actually check out some of the shows that I shared in this episode. However, the main purpose, for my sharing this list, was to demonstrate just how much the relationship that I have with the host of the podcast has an impact on how high of a priority their podcast is on my list.

Also, for me, it demonstrates that while I may have an amazing relationship with some folks, I may not be as devoted to their content due to the fact that their podcast is focused on the interview style format. This is not a bad thing! It's just that the interview format is not as appealing, to me personally, as actually tuning in and hearing from someone, that I admire, communicating to me, directly, in their podcast.

Here's the list that I shared in the show.
This Week In Tech
MacBreak Weekly
The Break with Fr. Roderick
Geek Week with Fr. Roderick
The Walk with Fr. Roderick
Ray Edwards Show
The God Journey
Dan Miller's 48 Days Online Radio
Michael Hyatt's This Is Your Life
Startup Podcast
The Catholics Next Door
Smart Passive Income
Late Night Internet Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Learning With Leslie
Strategic Living With Brian Holmes
Beyond The To Do List
Super Fantastic Leadership Show
1 Day Business Breakthrough
Tim Ferriss Show
– There are many others that I didn't list

Why Do People Do Interview Only Format Shows?
I do not have any problem with people doing interview only format podcasts. They are not the type of shows that I, personally, enjoy. However, there are several reasons why doing such a podcast makes sense.

Occasionally, I'll have a student who has chosen to do an interview only format for their podcast when it just seems obvious that, given their stated goals and purpose for the show, it would make sense for them to do a solo show with an occasional interview here and there. When approached by this thought, they are typically filled with great anxiety because they just don't have the confidence to put themselves out there as an expert in their field. They believe that bringing “actual experts” on each week will help them build the credibility that they desire to have within their niche.

A while back, I thought about talking about this topic in an episode of this show. I asked myself… Why do people do interview only format shows? Off the top of my head, four reasons immediately came to mind. I share what those four reason are and my thoughts on each one of them.

Update On Comments
Back in episode 389, I shared that Michael Hyatt had announced that he had shut off all comments on his website and explained the reason behind his decision.

I had mentioned that I had a desire to shut off comments on some pages on my site, while still leaving the existing comments displayed for future visitors to see. I'm delighted to share how I was able to accomplish this goal at the very end of this episode.