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362 Podcasting App To Be UnRemovable in iOS 8? Three Ways To Read All Written Reviews of Your Podcast. Can You Fanscribe Your Podcast? And Much Much More!

Permanent Podcasting App in iOS 8?
Special thanks to Troy Heinritz for alerting me to a Mac Rumors article noting that the Podcasts App, from Apple, is pre-installed in the new iOS8 beta 2 version of the software. If this remains in iOS8, it means that every iOS 8 user will have the podcasts app and will not be able to delete it. In this episode, I share why I think that every podcaster should be very excited about this news.

Two Great Podcasting Conferences coming up this August
Podcast Movement: I'm excited that I'll be Keynoting at the Podcast Movement conference in Dallas Texas that will be held August 16th & 17th. I'm already aware of more than 100 of my own, close, friends that will be at the event. If you haven't yet purchased your tickets, I encourage you to click here to register.

UK Pod 2014: Mike & Izabela Russell are organizing a UK podcasters conference on August 16th, 2014 in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Of course, if you have your choice, I'd be honored to have you come check out my Keynote at the Podcast Movement event, mentioned above. However, if it is closer, more convenient, or simply more appealing to you, certainly check out and register for the UK Podcaster's Conference by clicking here.

Three Ways To See All Your Written Podcast Reviews
In this episode, I had prepared to give you three different options for looking at all your podcast's written reviews from all the different iTunes stores. I mentioned that the first option was to manually go in and look up your review by visiting each country's version of the iTunes Store. The second option was to check out Daniel J. Lewis' new service at The third way was the get the most recent 25 written reviews of yours, and any other podcast, for free, at

While I was recording the show, Eric Timmer was in the chat room and told me about the fact that you can also pull an rss feed that shows your recent iTunes Reviews as well. I investigated this and I show that the rss feed for the reviews of my show went back a full year. I've gone ahead and added this to my feedly account so that I can now follow my (US ONLY) written reviews using this rss feed

Note: You can take that rss URL, that I just shared above, and simply change the ID= string to have your podcast's id, instead of mine, and it will work for your show as well.

Additional Note: This feed works for the US store only by default. However, Eric also informed me that you can include the country code of each iTunes store, into the feed URL, and it will provide you the reviews for that country. For example would provide me the reviews from Japan because I put the /jp code just after the I suppose you could do this for each country and subscribe, via rss, to all the reviews that way. So thank you Eric for giving us a fourth option.

Can We Get Our Podcast Fanscribed?
A while back, I received an email inviting me to the beta of a new fan based transcription service that allows for free transcriptions of your audio podcast. I didn't have much time to look at it when I originally received that invitation. However, today, I went to and learned how to request to have my podcast included in this free transcription service. I talk briefly about this in the episode. I will report back once I have more experience with the service.