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306 How To Show Up In More iTunes Search Results – Adding Pictures & Videos To Your LinkedIn Profile – NMX Updates

pam-itunesGet Creative When Naming Your Podcast In iTunes!
In this week's episode of Podcast Answer Man, I explain how you can get creative with the way that you name your podcast so that your show will turn up in more search results within iTunes. (This topic starts at 00:27:38)

Adding Pictures & Videos To Your Linked In Profile
In this week's Social Media Segment, Erik Fisher and I talk about how LinkedIn now allows you to add pictures and video to your LinkedIn Profile. I share how I have added a few item to my own profile and we discuss our thoughts on this new feature.

Here are links to our LinkedIn Profiles
– Erik's profile –
– Cliff's profile –

Here are the two links we mentioned in our discussion:
Social Media Serenity episode on LinkedIn
Podcast Answer Man episode on LinkedIn Endorsements

Personal Plug of The Week
This week's personal plug of the week is the Disability Talk from a guy named LA. LA is a quadriplegic with a heart for encouraging and inspiring others with disabilities. I highly encourage hat you check out his podcast by clicking here. Please be sure to let him know that you found out about his show from The Podcast Answer Man. While you are at it, be sure to leave him a rating and review in iTunes. It's content like this that really shows the power of podcasting.

New Media Expo (NMX) Updates
Many of you know that I am the Director of Podcasting for New Media Expo (formally BlogWorld). I am happy to announce that the you can now submit a session for the podcasting track by clicking here. The next event will be January 4th – 6th in Las Vegas! I share several other details about the next NMX event in this episode.