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370 – Four Strategies For Changing The World With Your Podcasting Efforts – How you can make a powerful, positive, difference in the lives of those who listen to your show.

My Closing Keynote for Podcast Movement 2014 (00:06:25)
In this episode of Podcast Answer Man, I share the audio recording of the closing keynote address that I gave to those who attended the Podcast Movement conference on Sunday, August 16th and 17th, 2014 in Dallas, Texas.


Podcast Movement 2014 | Closing Keynote
(cc) 2014 giovanni gallucci,

In my talk, I explained that if you have a clear message that people can grasp on to, if you genuinely care about other people, if you are intentional about creating environments of community and you are willing to just be yourself, you will have a powerful and positive impact in the lives of those who listen to your show. (Photo Credit: giovanni gallucci)


332 Upgrading To Mavericks – Keynote 6.0 Vs Keynote 09 (5.3) – New Media Expo Podcasting Track – Multiple Displays & More

Keynote5.3vs6Why I Downgraded To Keynote 09
This week, I made the decision to go ahead and upgrade a few of my computers to the latest version of Apple's Mac OSX operating system, Mavericks. In the episode, I share my experiences with the upgrade and how much I love the multiple display support.

During the upgrade process, I had also upgraded to the latest version of Keynote (6.0). While the user interface is drastically different and will take some getting used to, I suppose that most of the features to create a presentation, at least the ones that I have ever used, seem to still be there. However, I made the decision to downgrade back to Keynote 09 (version 5.3) due to the lack of customization within the presenter window. I discuss this, in great detail, in the episode.

Podcasting Patent Update
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has filed a formal challenge to the so-called “podcasting patent” used by Personal Audio, LLC. In January 2013, Personal Audio, LLC, began suing a number of podcasters, including comedian The Adam Carolla Show and three major television networks, claiming they infringe US Patent No. 8,112,504.

The challenge petition shows that Personal Audio did not invent anything new, and, in fact, other people were podcasting years before Personal Audio first applied for their patent. More details can be found by clicking here.

The Podcasting Track of New Media Expo
As the Director of Podcasting For New Media Expo, I have been working with a large number of successful podcasters, over the past several months, putting together and amazing lineup for the Podcasting Track for our NMX 2014 event that will be held in Las Vegas this coming January.

In this episode, I give the most comprehensive view of the amazing sessions that will be offered at the event. One thing is for sure. If you are a podcaster and you do not make it to NMX 2014, you will regret it.