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427 Should I Charge Hourly or By The Month? & I Share My Must Have Mac Desktop Apps


Billing By The Hour or By The Month?
Jonathan Gaby submitted a question for the podcast, asking advice on whether he should bill his social media consulting work by the hour or at a monthly flat rate. This is a very interesting topic as I've heard several people, including one of my most trusted business mentors, say things like “only apertures bill by the hour, everyone else bills by the project.” In this episode, I share my thoughts on three types of billing.

My Must Have Mac Desktop Apps
I recently purchased a new computer. As I was getting ready to set it up, I made a long list of the apps that I must install before using this as my primary computer for my business. Most of these apps are only available for Apple (Mac) computers.

Time Machine
Better Snap Tool
Screen Float
– Calendar App (Built into Mac Computers)
Skitch (Part of Evernote)
ScanSnap iX500 Scanner
Dymo LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo Printer
Endicia Stamps / Postage Software
PDF Pen Pro 6
I am going to miss Total Finder
ScreenFlow 5
Day One Journal App
Adobe Creative Cloud (Audition and Photoshop)
Kindle App
QuickBooks Online Desktop App
Memory Monitor