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295 Why Am I Losing Subscribers? What Defines Success For A New Podcast? Should I Use My Real Name? And Much More!

LosingSubscribersWhy Am I Losing Subscribers?
Tom recently called in to say he created a podcast four months ago. Today, approximately 50 people are downloading each episode. This is down from 400 downloads per episode in October. Tom’s question was what would cause this decline to happen. I review various aspects of Tom’s show such as the name of his show, the artwork, the audio quality, and more to see where the problem might be, and gave him additional thoughts on what he can do to increase the number of people who listen to his show on a regular basis.

What is Success for a New Podcast?
Rick called in to say that he recently launched a new podcast. He was wondering what my thoughts were regarding how many downloads it takes for a brand new podcast to be successful. I share my thoughts on how to truly define success for a podcast in this episode.

Real Names vs. Pen Names and Privacy/Security (00:29:42)
Dana recently called in to ask my thoughts on how I feel about using pen names. She is a mom with three kids, and routinely does a podcast where she shares about her kids. Her family has safety concerns when it comes to her sharing too much information. I give my thoughts about how my core values of “Authenticity” and “Transparency” drive the way that I feel about this subject. I Dana some ideas of how she can be authentic without compromising the safety of her children.