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392 Where To Find Fresh New Content For Your Podcast – And An Interview with 91.7 WVXU


Local Media Coverage
I was honored to receive a significant amount of local media coverage recently. I was featured in the February edition of Cincinnati Magazine in a story written by Dave Ghose titled “The Voice of Pod.” As a result of that article, I was invited to be a guest on 91.7 WVXU's Cincinnati Edition to discuss my podcasting journey. I've included the full audio from that radio interview in this podcast. Be sure to check out episode 226 to learn how you can get local media coverage for your brand.

Where To Find Fresh New Content For Your Podcast
Many brand new podcasters have asked me how I consistently come up with fresh new content to talk about in my show, week after week, having done hundreds of podcast episodes? In the opening of this episode, I share the sources that I turn to for inspiration of new topics to cover in my podcast(s).