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346 Should We Stop Using The Term Podcast?

podcastWhy I Still Defend The Term PODCAST
Matt Lovell is one of thirty students who are currnetly going through the 15th session of my Podcasting A to Z training course. Matt started a conversation inspired by something that he heard on Dan Miller's podcast.

Dan had stated that, starting in 2014, he was no longer going to refer to his show as a podcast due to the fact that he feels that it “implies old technology.” Matt wanted to know if I had any thoughts on this topic and suggested that it might even make a good topic to cover on Podcast Answer Man.

I devoted a majority of this episode to sharing why I am such a strong defender of keeping and using the terms Podcast and Podcasting (Starts at 00:14:55)

Stepping Down From New Media Expo
Some of you will recall that, back in episode 344, I announced I was shutting down the Podcast Mastermind. This week, I opened the episode with another major announcement. Effective last week, I resigned from my position as Director of Podcasting for New Media Expo.

I am very proud of what was accomplished with the Podcasting Track for New Media Expo in such a short period of time. I am thrilled with the amount of energy and momentum that has built up around the Podcasting Community at this conference. As the popularity of podcasting grows, maintaining a high standard for the Podcasting Track will only require more time, effort and energy than I've already been investing into the Podcasting Track to get it to where it is today.

Due to the goals and priorities that I have established for myself in 2014, It became clear that I would not be able to put the amount of time, effort and energy required to take the Podcast Mastermind and the Podcasting Track of New Media Expo to the Next Level.

I have also been heavily invested in the concept of potentially hosting my own conference in 2015.