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377 Teaching Others About Podcasts

whatisapodcast-imageWhat Is A Podcast? (00:01:34)
I enjoy introducing the world of podcasts to someone who has never heard of podcasting before. Not for the purpose convincing them to start a podcast, but actually start listening to podcasts. I am a firm believer that podcasts have a power to change people's lives for the better like no other platform out there.

In this episode, I share an example of the language I use when describing what a podcast is to someone for the very first time. It just so happens that I was able to record such a conversation with someone while I happened to be out in the field recording an episode of my Pursuing A Balanced Life podcast. I also issue a challenge to all podcasters to make it a goal to introduce at least one person, each week, to the world of podcasting. This would be a true “podcast movement.”

Other Topics Covered In This Episode:
– More thoughts on the Slippery Slope (00:23:20)
– A possible way to save money on your mobile data plan (00:45:32)
– How Podcasting A to Z came into existence (00:50:25)

Video Recording of this episode
The following video is an UNEDITED version of the Behind The Scenes Recording of this episode of Podcast Answer Man. Join me for a future live broadcast of Podcast Answer Man. Click here for details.