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522 – How To Kick Self-Doubt To The Curb And Move Forward With Confidence

In this episode, I share 15 choices that I attempt to make, every day, that allow me to kick self-doubt to the curb and move forward with confidence.

Choice #1 – I refuse to compare myself to others.

Choice #2 – I will stop worrying about what others think or say about me.

– Affirmation: I refuse to concern myself with how others may judge me and my actions. I have been given divine access to the mind of Christ and Jesus has given me His Spirit to evaluate my own life and actions. (1 Corinthians 2:15-16)

Choice #3 – I will intentionally spend time with the right people.

Choice #4 – I will commit to a healthy diet of optimism

Choice #5 – I will take care of my body

– Getting plenty of sleep.
– Only eating foods that help maintain my desired energy level.
– Physical Activity can change everything!

Choice #6 – I refuse to see any challenge as being any bigger than it truly is.

Choice #7 – I will set a short term, immediate goal, and ACCOMPLISH IT RIGHT NOW!

Choice #8 – I will create an ongoing list of my prior successes

Choice #9 – I will celebrate every win. Big & Small

– Affirmation: Knowing that God is my #1 Fan, I am committed to being my own #2 Fan! I CELEBRATE all my accomplishments BIG and small. I give myself high-fives, I pat myself on the back. I give myself hugs. I dance with joy (If nobody is around). I FREAKING ROCK!

Choice #10 – I will remain focused on my WHY.

My Mission Statement:

My mission, first and foremost, is to pursue the life for which I was created.

I share experiences from my journey in life (my successes, failures, fears, hopes, dreams, etc), and what I am learning from these experiences, in an authentic and transparent way with the intent to provide education, encouragement and inspiration that motivates others to take their own life to the next level.

I am committed to generating the amount of income that allows me to meet the needs and goals of my family and to fulfill my mission in the world. I create content, products and services and promote the content, products and services of others, that add great value to people’s lives.

I am committed to setting new goals, achieving them and then sharing the results so that I may help others find ways of doing the same in their own life. I am constantly expanding my mindset of what is possible and always looking for ways to help others do the same.

I am a follower of Jesus who authentically attempts to live out my faith (though I may fail miserably at times) in a way that encourages others. When asked,I am always prepared to give a reason for the hope that I have in Jesus with gentleness and respect.

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