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337 Wired Lavalier Recommendation For Speakers & Much More!

smartlavsnWired Lavalier Recommendation for Speakers and Presenters
I've often been asked what type of lavalier mic I would recommend for a professor who wanted to record their classroom lectures or for speakers who wanted to have an audio recording of their own presentation.

In this episode, I give my full endorsement of the Rhode SmartLav wired Lavalier mic. This is a very inexpensive, yet high quality, wired lavalier mic made specifically to work with your smart phone (Will not work with digital recorders). I recommend getting the official Rode Rec iOS App to go with it if you have an ios device. I demonstrate how this wired lav sounds when hooked up to my iPhone in this episode. (Starts at 00:13:39)

How Much Is Too Much Talk About Me?
Colin called in say that he recently created a podcast to talk about his experience of living with HIV. After producing several episodes, he has become concerned that he may be talking too much about himself. Colin wanted to know my opinion on how much is too much when it comes to talking about yourself in your podcast. You can hear Colin's question and my response starting at 00:36:06.

Also In This Episode:
There are several other things that I bring up in this podcast episode. For example, I reveal which podcast is my all-time favorite podcast to produce, how I totally screwed up a podcast episode earlier this week, whether folks should purchase equipment before their Podcasting A to Z session starts, inspiration from Sabas Flores, and whether or not I feel it's okay to start a brand new podcast using one of the many free podcast hosting services.