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411 – When Should I Start Promoting And Marketing My New Podcast? Plus Other Questions New Podcasters Ask


This week's episode is part three in a three part series called “Questions That New Podcasters Ask.” For this series, I have pulled actual questions that were asked by students in my Podcasting A to Z online training course.

The questions that I address in this episode are as follows.

1. I know you said that before considering promotion, you need to have a good show to promote. What is a good set of prerequisites/criteria BEFORE promoting. Is it a matter of having a certain number of downloads per month? Getting into a “groove” with your show? A certain level of engagement, etc.? (00:03:53)

2. What is the difference with line in and mic on the roland 05? Also, with any device does it mean the same? (00:36:33)

3. Do you happen to have the greatest hits on your website for podcastanswerman? I want to listen to all 400 plus episodes, but in the meantime a top 100 would be great. (00:39:45)

4. I had an issue setting up the boom because the attachment is small. Can you address this? (00:46:36)

5. For tagging, why would we purchase ID3 Editor from pa-software for $15 when iTunes is free? Does ID3 Editor have some extra features/benefits than iTunes? (00:49:48)

6. When naming your episode, do you have advice? I ask this because I thought that search option only looks for title keywords. Any advice here would be super appreciated. (00:54:11)

7. Do you recomend that have at least three episodes, or more, before launching? (00:57:46)


358 Should I Use SoundCloud? Setting Boundaries With Your Audience? Co-Hosting Advice & More

No Computer Keys Showing Denial Panic And NegativityWhy Every Entrepreneur Should Become An Expert At Saying No!
Recently, I received an email, from Gloria, that said…

“I Just spent the day listening to your podcast! So valuable and I feel so blessed to have found it!

In episode 321, you mentioned a talk you gave about four reasons entrepreneurs should say no. Do you mind sharing what the four reasons were?

Also any advice on how to respectfully decline the “Can I pick your brain?” requests? I am a motivational speaker and people are starting to ask me how to get into the industry (truth is, I got my first booking after 4 days! That wasn't because of me, that was purely God!).

I know this is only going to increase once I start my podcast, as recently someone came up to me at a memorial service to try to network with me!

I don't want to be rude, but have you found a way to respectfully, as a Christian, turn down people's requests?

Any advice would be so appreciated.

God bless.

In response to Gloria's email, I spent most of my time sharing the reasons why one should become more skilled at saying no. If you are looking for tips on how to effectively say no, I highly encourage you to check out episode 91 of Michael Hyatt's podcast on this topic. (starts at 00:05:37)

Current Thoughts On Tagging
Ted called in a question about tagging .mp3 files. I spent a few moments of this episode sharing my current thoughts on tagging your .mp3 files with metadata. You can see my old tutorial on tagging by clicking here. (00:37:36)

Co-Hosting Advice
Alex called in to say that he started a movie review podcast with some friends and that it has been very successful so far. Alex has some interest in monetizing the platform while his co-hosts seem very opposed to the idea. He asked for my thoughts on this subject and I gave them in this episode. (00:43:15)

Should I Use SoundCloud?
Dana called in to say that she's heard a number of podcasters mention that their shows could be found in iTunes, Stitcher and now on SoundCloud. She wanted to know if I thought that she needed to include her podcast on the SoundCloud platform as well. I share my response to Dana's question in this episode. (00:53:48)

Submit Your Question For The Show
You can submit your questions by clicking here.


309 What Day of The Week Is Best For Releasing A Podcast?

no3xWhat Day Should I Releasing My Podcast?
In this week's episode of Podcast Answer Man, I share my feelings on what day of the week is best for releasing your podcast. The fact is that the best part of podcasting is that it is time shifted and people can choose to listen to your show whenever they desire. However, strategically choosing the day of your podcast can help make it easier to use your podcast to fit into their weekend routine, as a fresh start to a new work week or a mid-week pick me up. The most important thing is that you consider releasing your show on the same day each week, whichever day you end up choosing. (This topic starts at 00:06:40)

Is it okay to tag my .mp3 files with iTunes?
I discuss tagging your .mp3 files in video 2 of my free Learn How To Podcast Tutorial. In this episode, I give my updated thoughts on just how important .mp3 tagging is today. I still believe that every .mp3 file should be tagged. The question has come up as to whether it is okay to tag your files using iTunes software instead of other dedicated software designed to add artwork and other tags to your podcast. Have a listen to this episode to hear my full thoughts on this matter. (This topic starts at 00:14:00)

Mic Flags
Have you seen the mic flag that I have over the top of my microphone? If not, check out the Heil Microphone Equipment Package on my Podcast Equipment Page. I get my mic flags from Ellen at Impact PBS. Please do not judge the quality of their product by the look of their website. They do amazing work! Mic flags run about $50 plus shipping. (This topic starts at 00:22:16)

30/30 iOS Application
I have fallen in love with the 30/30 iOS application. I did my best to explain how this application allows me to plan out my entire day and allows me to completely stay focused on the tasks that I have assigned to myself.