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390 Are You So Busy Building Your Business That You Don’t Have Time To Work On Building You?

Too Busy Working On My Business

Are your business pursuits keeping you from living the healthy lifestyle you desire?
If so, you are not alone. I am a recovering workaholic. When I went into business for myself, building my business from the ground up, I worked a minimum of 14 hours per day, seven days a week, without a single day off, for the first nine months. After nine months, I took one day off per week and simply increased the number of hours I worked each of the other six days. After my first full year in business, I ended up in the hospital and almost died.

Here are a few blog posts that I wrote while I was in the hospital

In The Hospital.
Scheduled For Surgery
Now I’m just P—ed Off!
On The Road To Recovery

Once I had fully recovered from surgery, I began to take some serious steps to live a healthier lifestyle. I started working out regularly and eating healthier foods. I began to not only see serious results in myself, but also in the lives of those in my family and my online community.

The image below shows me on the left, my wife, Stephanie, on the right and one of the members of our online community, Maggie Mack, in the middle.


Over an 18 month period of time, I had lost 60 pounds and Stephanie had lost 72 pounds. However, in the Fall/Winter of 2011, I had got pretty sick with a terrible case of bronchitis that had me out of my workout routine for several weeks. I then had several business trips. I got behind in my work and eventually I got to the place where I was so depressed about how out of control my life/schedule had become that I started to go back to my old eating habits and I avoided going back to my routine of regular workouts. Basically, what was going on in my business was more important than that healthier lifestyle once again. Eventually, I ended up gaining back all the weight that I had lost.

Three years after my first visit to the hospital, I allowed myself to get so out of shape, that I landed myself in the hospital for a second time, thinking that I was actually having a stroke.

What's worse is that I was so focused on my business that I delayed going to the hospital to get checked out, FOR DAYS, until I could finish up some things with work. You can read my posts from that experience at

Since that second trip to the hospital, I've been hyper focused on finding ways to build more balance and margin into life. I've been documenting this journey, for many years, in my Pursuing A Balanced Life podcast. On November 14th, 2014, I had a major breakthrough. Details of that breakthrough were shared in episode 583, and all the episodes released since.

Since November 14th, I've maintained my commitment to working out six days a week, every week. I've gone back to eating healthy foods. I've built in the margin needed to sustain my efforts and I've even been successful in maintaining this routine through a sinus infection that turned into bronchitis, an out of town business trip and also a rib injury that lasted for two weeks.

I've been posting selfies after each of my workouts. So many people have told me how much this consistency has inspired them. One friend had reached out to me and said they they were really wanting to get back into their health lifestyle habits. When I asked this friend what was holding them back, they responded with a lengthy email about how it was their business that is keeping them from making process in living a healthy life.

I recorded episode 390 of Podcast Answer Man as a response to that email.

I hope that what I've shared will inspire you to prioritize your health above your business. I know, firsthand, just how difficult this can be. However, I promise you… It can be done!