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334 Five Tips For Getting Your Spouse On The Same Page With Your Entrepreneurial Journey & Skype Desktop API Update

Behind Every Great Man, You Will Find A Great Woman!
In this week's episode I am honored to have my wife, Stephanie, as a guest with me in the studio. I shared, previously, that we were shocked to learn just how many folks in the Podcast Answer Man community who had no idea that Stephanie had podcasts (plural) of her own.

CliffAndStephanie-Medium-FrameWe've had some pretty amazing conversations over the past two weeks, since returning from the Platform Conference, and wanted to share some of the outcomes of those conversations with you.

One of the main things that we discuss are Five Tips For Getting Your Spouse On The Same Page With Your Entrepreneurial Journey. By listening to this episode, you'll get an inside glimpse on how and why Stephanie joined me in my podcasting hobby and how she is actually the person responsible for me going into this line of work full-time. (This portion of the show starts at 00:06:32)

Skype Desktop API Update
Great news! Skype has decided to cancel it's plans to stop supporting their desktop API after December of this year. In a blog post on 11/6/2013, they said, “Previously we shared that we would retire the Desktop API later this year. However, I’m happy to share that we will be extending support for two of the most widely used features – call recording and compatibility with hardware devices.”

This means that if you are using Skype recording software that works today, it will continue to be supported beyond December of this year!