As crazy as it sounds, I am a huge fan of email communication. In fact, my love of communicating with others, electronically, goes back to my BBS days, before most people had access to “internet based email.”

Since the early 1990's I've been “that guy” who personally responds to every single message the another human has has sent me. Somewhere along the line, the concept of “Inbox Zero” was popularized.” Since then, I've considered my approach to email communication as a “badge of honor.”

In this episode of The Cliff Ravenscraft Show, I invited my great friend, Sarah Werner to join me as a co-host. Actually, I originally invited her to join me for an interview. However, at the last minute, I changed plans and this episode is a result of that last minute change of plans.

Sarah and I covered several valuable topics. However, the one that jumped out to me, as I was listening back to the recording of our conversation, was the idea that I may have a belief system issue that is holding me back from breaking through to new levels of success as it relates to the growth of my audience.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy this unique conversation.

Be sure to check out Sarah's Write Now Podcast and Girl In Space Podcast.

Note: At the end of this episode, I mention that I've been working with my friend, Rusty Ryal on an incredible marketing campaign for the Next Level Mastermind. If you are ready to take your sales copy to the next level, email rusty at [email protected].

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