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Voice Mail For Podcasters

I strongly feel that the most valuable content that you can ever include in your podcast is the voice of those who listen to your show! Reading blog comments and emails from your listeners is an easy place to start. However, why not take your listener feedback to the next level?

Simply listen to the professional sound that comes from this audio clip that I played in one of the podcasts that I used to produce for the tv show, LOST. Note: The first “listener” that you will hear in this audio clip is none other than Jorge Garcia, the actor who played “Hurley” in the show!

Setting up a voice mail / listener feedback line for your show is not very difficult. The best part is that these voice messages can be sent straight to your email inbox with many services. There are so many different options to choose from. However, I'm simply going to list the three options that I think will serve you best.

Google Voice
The benefits of Google Voice are that it is Free and that it is supposed to be a number than you can use your entire lifetime.

One nice thing about Google Voice is that you can get an email notification for each new message. To retrieve the audio file, you will need to log into your google voice client. From there, you will simply be able to download the audio file that contains the recording from your listener.

Don't forget that you edit the file, before you play it in your podcast, if the listener feedback is a bit longer than desired.

The SpeakPipe Option:
SpeakPipe is an amazing option for podcasters to receive audio feedback from their audience. The nice thing is a listener who has a microphone connected to their computer can record and send audio feedback right from your own website. In most cases, the audio files from SpeakPipe have a much higher audio quality than that of a telephone voice mail. (SpeakPipe Affiliate Link)

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