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Since December 2005, I've created over 30 of my very own podcasts with over 3,600 podcast episodes. As you might imagine, I've become quite comfortable behind the microphone.

In fact, I've developed a method of creating content that I call “Live To Drive.” What this means is that I simply hit record on my recorder, I include everything I want to have in my episode, into the episode, as I am recording (including intro, outro or any other audio clips), and when I'm finished, I simply stop the recorder and I don't do any editing on the episode at all. In these “Live To Drive” episodes, my audience gets to hear everything that happened during to recording of the episode without a single edit.

Now with that said, there are still times when I record a podcast where, afterward, I think to myself… “hmmm, I might want to do a bit of editing on this.” There have been some episodes where I recorded for as much as an hour and fifteen minutes and, after editing, the final episode that was released was only 43 minutes in length, after I finished cutting out significant portions of audio during the editing process.

Recently, I recorded a lengthy audio segment that I knew I wanted to include in episode 497 of Podcast Answer Man / The Cliff Ravenscraft Show. After recording it, I knew that I wanted to do a “deep dive edit” on this recording before allowing it to be published to my audience.

I decided to fire up my Facebook Live Stream to share my editing process with my community. Those who were watching live and who have watched the replay on Facebook said that they found this over the shoulder look into my process very helpful.

For this reason, I've decided to the recordings from my Facebook Live Stream with you here. You'll notice that I broke the process into two separate Facebook Live Streams. The reason for this is that in the middle of editing, I needed to leave to go have dinner with my family. After I returned for dinner, I launched the second live stream and finished the editing of this audio segment.

I hope you enjoy.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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