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By now, I'm sure you have heard about Google Wave. I got excited about this project as soon as I first saw the developer conference demo back in June of this year.

The only issue with that original video was that it was more than an hour long. Personally, I felt that it was worth every moment I spent soaking in all that Google Wave could do. However, the length of the video was a barrier to entry for the mass audience to get a feel for what would be coming from this service.

Finally, there is a much shorter video. In fact, here's a video that does pretty darn well at explaining the main points in under eight minutes. Have a look:

The first round of Google Wave invites just started to roll out this week. Those who are lucky enough to get an invite in the first round will have the opportunity to “nominate” a few friends for the next round of invites.

I suppose that they did this due to the fact that Google Wave without anyone to interact with would be the same as if you signed up for a Twitter Account and didn't know anyone else that uses Twitter.

Due to the amount of hype surrounding Google Wave, I'm concerned about people feeling let down at first glance when they finally get to use the service for the first time. This is exactly what happened with Twitter.

However, I feel that in about a year or so, Google Wave's popularity will rank up their with both Facebook and Twitter.

Looking at the video above, I'm most excited about the “Bloggy”. (Jump to 3min 12sec into the video embedded above). As a podcaster / blogger / online community builder, I'm most interested in the ability for me to embed waves in various sites that I manage.

At this time, I sometimes post the same content in many different venues. For example, I will post an episode of Podcast Answer Man podcast episodes here on this site, the main site and the premium, plus member only site that I manage for Each post on each site has it's own comments section, none of them connected to each other.

I can envision the ability to use something like this bloggy feature to embed into each of these posts and turning off the individual comments sections. So basically, the google wave for comments would be right inside my show notes page. This way, if you are a plus member and viewing the show notes on that page… let's say you add a comment there. Your comment will also show up on the main site as well as on this Podcast Answer Man site. Actually, I could even try to add it to the Community Forum somehow.

This is just the beginning of what I think Google Wave will be able to do for me as a Podcaster. It may take a while for this one to catch on. But I do expect that we are “riding the wave” of the “next big thing.”

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