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Zune Podcasting And Zoom H1 Digital Audio Recorder Review

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In this episode, I am delighted to share an interview that I had with Rob Greenlee from Microsoft's Zune Podcasting department. In the conversation with Rob, we learn why so many podcasters had not be able to get their feeds listed in the Zune podcasting directory. I am very happy to announce that any podcaster who wants to get their show listed in the Zune Directory can do so by emailing [email protected]. Speaking with Rob has helped renew some passion for the fact that Microsoft is paying to employ someone who's purpose in the company is to support podcasters. This is very good news!

Also in this episode, I am delighted to let you know that I have finally received my review unit of the Zoom H1 Handy Digital Audio Recorder. If you simply REFUSE to pay more than $99 for a digital audio recorder, then I would say that this is a “decent” option. However, you simply must order a windscreen to go with this unit and be sure to have plenty of batteries on hand. The H1 review portion of this episode was actually recorded on the Zoom H1 recorder.

Here are just a few of my concerns about the Zoom H1 Recorder:
* No AC adapter included
* AC power is not an option at all!
—UPDATE— Turns out that you can get a USB/AC Adapter to power the unit.
* No pause recording functionality
* No windscreen included (This is a MUST HAVE ITEM)
* No USB cable included
* No ability to keep the backlit display turned on.
* Memory card compartment door is LIKELY to be broken.
* Menu functionality is clunky to say the very least.

I do feel that this is a decent option for a recorder if you are only willing to spend $99 on such a device. Personally, the inability to use an ac adapter —UPDATE— Turns out that you can get a USB/AC Adapter to power the unit. and the lack of the pause recording feature are enough to make this a deal breaker for me. If those are not deal breakers for you and you have a very tight budget to work with, I'd say that it's worth the $99.

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